Thursday, December 13, 2012

Washi Tape Gift Wrapping

Hi everyone!

There is still time to enter my huge giveaway to celebrate the introduction of my new shop WashiTapesNL! :-)

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I've started wrapping presents. I'm using white wrapping paper (actually, it's the back of a wrapping paper I don't like... ;-)) and washi tape. This is so quick and easy to do, and yet the result is absolutely wonderful!

Change the way you apply the tape for different looks. For the smallest package, I've also made a washi tape bow. Super cute! :-)

These three washi tapes are now available as a special Christmas Set for 20% off in my shop WashiTapesNL.

Have you started wrapping Christmas presents already?

I wish you a wonderful day! :-)



  1. These are gorgeous colours, they look like the designs could be used after Christmas.

  2. I really like the crisp look of the white packaging, it really lets the washi tapes pop.

  3. This is such a beautiful way to wrap your presents !

  4. I never thought of using Washi tape on presents. You are amazingly creative.

  5. Lovely idea! May follow your lead. Should start wrapping tomorrow